Many New Books!

by peterngardner

Since the last update, we’ve published seven (or five, depending on how you count) new books.


First, continuing on from the Gospel Book project, by request, we now have available a color version, for $125. Mainly this has black text and red rubrics, but there are some colored decorative elements as well.


Second, the first non-liturgical, non-scriptural book published by St. Polycarp Press, The Relatives of Christ, a study of Christ’s earthly relatives from a hagiographic and historical perspective. $6.95.


As side projects to the Relatives of Christ, two small booklets, The Gospel of John the Baptist and The Lord’s Mother, each of which are a collection of all of the New Testament passages about John the Baptist and the Mother of God, respectively, from the Gospels, Acts, and in one case, Revelation. Each are 4.95.


Finally, the Presanctified Liturgy music book project is finally complete! The complete text and music have been prepared and collated in both English and Slavonic, with matching arrangements in every case. The only things sung or read by the choir or congregation omitted are the stichera, prokemena, and readings (the latter two are already available separately in English from St. Polycarp Press).

This is available in three formats: first, the entire book, text and music, spiral-bound to lay flat on a music stand ($11.95); second, the music only, spiral-bound ($7.95); and third, the music only, in PDF format, electronically ($6).

Complete Text and Music:

Music Only, Spiral-bound:

Music Only, Electronic:

(For reasons I have been unable to track down, the covers appear blue on the previews, but they should actually be purple.)