Prophetologion Errata

A few omissions and errors have come to my attention:


26 September — St. John the Theologian — should be “Readings for an Apostle (p. 19).” My working notes were accidentally left in.

6 October — St. Thomas (and likewise for St. James and St. Luke, later in the month) — middle section (vv. 8-16) of the reading from Jude should be omitted;  the “variant practice” seems to have come from a misprint in the first edition of the SJKP Menaion.

Ascension — The end of the fourth line down on p. 528 should say “…Who is this that *issues forth* from Edom…” to better match the Canon of the 1st Tone Sunday Matins (SJKP Octoechos). (However, this is only a stylistic change).


13 October — Iveron Icon of the Mother of God — Readings for the Mother of God (p. 3).

28 October — St. Demetrius, Metropolitan of Rostov — Readings from the General Service to a Hierarch (p. 27).

10 December — St. Joasaph, Bishop of Belgorod — Alternate readings for Hierarchs (p. 33).