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Many New Books!

Since the last update, we’ve published seven (or five, depending on how you count) new books.


First, continuing on from the Gospel Book project, by request, we now have available a color version, for $125. Mainly this has black text and red rubrics, but there are some colored decorative elements as well.


Second, the first non-liturgical, non-scriptural book published by St. Polycarp Press, The Relatives of Christ, a study of Christ’s earthly relatives from a hagiographic and historical perspective. $6.95.


As side projects to the Relatives of Christ, two small booklets, The Gospel of John the Baptist and The Lord’s Mother, each of which are a collection of all of the New Testament passages about John the Baptist and the Mother of God, respectively, from the Gospels, Acts, and in one case, Revelation. Each are 4.95.


Finally, the Presanctified Liturgy music book project is finally complete! The complete text and music have been prepared and collated in both English and Slavonic, with matching arrangements in every case. The only things sung or read by the choir or congregation omitted are the stichera, prokemena, and readings (the latter two are already available separately in English from St. Polycarp Press).

This is available in three formats: first, the entire book, text and music, spiral-bound to lay flat on a music stand ($11.95); second, the music only, spiral-bound ($7.95); and third, the music only, in PDF format, electronically ($6).

Complete Text and Music:

Music Only, Spiral-bound:

Music Only, Electronic:

(For reasons I have been unable to track down, the covers appear blue on the previews, but they should actually be purple.)


Gospel Book!

At long last, we have published the Gospel Book.

This is the complete Gospel Book, arranged according to Russian usage (running text of the four Gospels, with marginal- and footnotes indicating where and how to start a reading, and rubrics in the text indicating when to stop or skip). Includes exhaustive appendix with a calendar of readings, and Paschal table for the 21st century.

Available in two sizes: 6″x9″, with 12-point font ($40):

and 8.25″x10.75″, with 14-point font ($45):

The smaller version is planned to be available on Amazon (with a $10 markup) in a few weeks.

For those who are losing track of our offerings, or would like a convenient list, please download our free catalog (PDF):

Menologion and Calendar of Readings

This book is part of what is envisioned to be a set of interrelated liturgical books, which will include Gospel Books, an Epistle Book, and a complete New Testament — with liturgical markings in the text, and in the appendices, the contents of this book: a calendar of readings, prokeimena, alleluias, communion hymns, and antiphons.

While the Gospel Book, at the time of this writing, is nearly ready for publication, the Epistle book is farther behind (and with it, the complete New Testament). In part to make the appendices, at least, available to anyone who needs them, and in part to, hopefully, find any errors before the hardcover liturgical books are printed, we have assembled this book.

New Books! — Pascha

Two new books are done, just barely in time, containing the complete service texts for all the Paschal services, from Midnight Office through Vespers, omitting only the Divine Liturgy after the Gospel (as that part of the Liturgy is essentially the same as any other Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom). English and Slavonic texts are given, usually in parallel columns, and both, as far as I could manage it, match the common usage of the ROCOR Eastern American Diocese in general, and of St. John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Cathedral in particular. In addition, the Paschal Homily of St. John Chrysostom is provided in Russian.

One of the two books is the hardcover 8.5″x11″ version, suitable for use on Pascha as a substitute for the archieraticon for a bishop, or by the presiding priest —

The other is exactly the same book, but in a smaller 6″x9″ spiral-bound format, suitable for use by a priest or deacon during the service —

Orders placed by the Thursday of the Great Canon (more or less) should hopefully arrive by the middle of Holy Week.

Ludwell Translation Music

Music for the Ludwell translation of the Presanctified Liturgy is now available in pdf format:

Triodion Prokeimena Errata

On pp. 45 and 46 (Holy Friday Vespers, and Holy Saturday Matins), the Alleluias in the 5th Tone, in the bass part, the F on the “le” of the third alleluia should be an A, two steps up.

On p. 16 (Thursday of the 2nd week, 6th Hour), the first prokeimenon is missing the phrase “…from my tribulations.” The music will have to be re-written. When I do so, I will add it into this post as an image file.

The Divine and Holy Liturgy of St Gregory the Dialogist, translated by Philip Ludwell, c. 1761.

In 1760 Colonel Philip Ludwell of Green Spring Plantation, Virginia, began a handwritten book that included a translation from Greek of one of the three principal liturgies of the Orthodox Church. Entitled “The Divine and Holy Liturgy of St Gregory the Dialogist” it is more commonly referred to as “The Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.” At the time he made this translation Ludwell was living in London, England, It is thought he completed the work in June 1761 and that the text may have been used at a celebration of this liturgy following the reception of his three daughters into the Orthodox Church in April 1762.

The text of Ludwell’s translation is presented here for contemporary use and enhanced by a brief introduction to it’s historical context.

Musical settings are forthcoming, and will be available on both in print and as an e-book.

Triodion Prokeimena

Now available, just in time for Lent: Triodion Prokeimena (

This book contains musical settings for the prokeimena from the Lenten Triodion, in accordance with the Lenten Lectionary and Prophetologion from the same publisher. The text is consistent with the Russian tradition, and the melodies are those in common use in the Russian Church.

The majority of the settings are unison; parts are only given for prokeimena at Vespers on Holy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The refrains from the Old Testament readings on Holy Saturday are also included.

O Lord, Teach Me, and I Shall Know

Now available: O Lord, Teach Me, and I Shall Know. This book is a collection of all the appointed readings — Old Testament, Epistle, or Gospel — from Lazarus Saturday through Pascha, as well as at Holy Unction. Also included in the book is a Foreword by His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah.

It is available at lulu for $12; within the next week or two, it should be available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $16. (The middlemen have to take their cut, too…)

Prophetologion Errata

A few omissions and errors have come to my attention:


26 September — St. John the Theologian — should be “Readings for an Apostle (p. 19).” My working notes were accidentally left in.

6 October — St. Thomas (and likewise for St. James and St. Luke, later in the month) — middle section (vv. 8-16) of the reading from Jude should be omitted;  the “variant practice” seems to have come from a misprint in the first edition of the SJKP Menaion.

Ascension — The end of the fourth line down on p. 528 should say “…Who is this that *issues forth* from Edom…” to better match the Canon of the 1st Tone Sunday Matins (SJKP Octoechos). (However, this is only a stylistic change).


13 October — Iveron Icon of the Mother of God — Readings for the Mother of God (p. 3).

28 October — St. Demetrius, Metropolitan of Rostov — Readings from the General Service to a Hierarch (p. 27).

10 December — St. Joasaph, Bishop of Belgorod — Alternate readings for Hierarchs (p. 33).